Friday, January 6, 2012

Taming My Studio

My studio has been in complete disarray for the last few months. When my son created his "man cave" in our spare room that once housed extra yarn and fiber he was kind enough to dump in it the middle of my floor. Granted I had been meaning to get to it but...
In addition to all of my "stuff", I inherited all of my dear friend Sharon's when she passed away and had kinda been putting it off. It was so bad that one evening when I had started going through the bins I became overwhelmed and laid back on the floor. My son came in and turned off the light. Hey! I said. Oh, I didn't see you, was his reply. Ugh! I was truly embarrassed by the mess. So this was THE week. ( I can't believe I have the guts to post this picture!)

I first pulled out the basket that held every scrap of yarn from every project I had ever done.The problem was that my bird dog puppy had gotten into it, dragged it from room to room and tangled it badly. I had been planning to untangle it and wind up the bits and pieces. My bird dog is 6. It went in the trash.
Next I attacked the bins and baskets, donating yarns I knew I wouldn't  use. I sorted and categorized and sorted some more. I went through every box, bag and bin. Fiber in one spot, yarns in drawers and baskets. Like types with like and several hours later, I had created some semblance of order. At least I could see the floor! I am by no means finished. It was really just the first go round. I will go through it all again with a much more critical eye and gift extra yarn, needles and fiber to other fiber freaks like myself.

Oh look! The floor! And my spinning wheel! I wondered where that was....

And the yarn all nicely tucked away...

And chairs!!! Wow, I may actually sit in one and work on a project. How lovely.

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