Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally, Some Sun!

After many days of  clouds, cold rain and fog the sun came out today! With the temps reaching 60, it was delightful to be outside. Though still sloppy and wet I took the opportunity to get a few things done. I was able to get in the garden without the help of a canoe or hip waders and  picked an abundance of greens and carrots.  I had to rinse out water buckets from where the LGD's insist on putting their feet in them. They still could use a good scrubbing. I am still doctoring on the saanan's ear. It still looks pretty nasty but each day is showing improvement. Today I had the benefit of an extra pair of hands and got it really clean. If goats give evil eyes and looks could kill, I would have perished on the spot. I broke up a rooster fight, watched the honey bees work and sat in the sun and ate a salad. These are the days that give a body Spring fever.

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