Sunday, January 22, 2012

Puttering in the Kitchen

Today was a cold, damp day. The kind that chills you to the bone. I decided it was a good day to spend in the kitchen. And so I did.
First,I took the soap out of the molds that I made yesterday.
Pound cake sounded good. So I baked a chocolate one.
It was sampled before I even got a picture!
Then I decide some deer chili would be tasty.
That will warm us for sure!
And there was a large bag of kale that needed to be cooked.
So, I made a casserole. Yum.
Eggs. We have lots of eggs.
I made some deviled eggs.
We were out of granola.
Must have that for breakfast this week.
And what would chili be without cornbread? So, I ground some corn.
And made a pan.
Then I decided I was tired of cooking.
Ahhh... that feels good!

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  1. Puttering!?!? I wish I could accomplish so much when I putter...