Monday, January 23, 2012

Ordering Apple Trees

We decided to revamp the orchard. Apparently there are some apples that don't do well in our area. Mainly those I have bought from Lowes. Duh. After some research and knowing what we like to eat, we have settled on Pink Lady and Honey Crisp apples along with their pollinators, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.
Today I walked the orchard and measured to see how many trees to order. (Finally I am doing some research and planning instead of flying by the seat of my pants!) The semi dwarf trees need to be 15 feet apart. I was amazed at how many trees we could actually plant. Today I ordered several apples, a pear and a cherry tree. They are due to be shipped towards the end of February. Before they arrive, we will take out the old trees and prune the plums. Better hurry, we only have a month!


  1. Good Morning! Well due to becoming a groupie of yours....( you have created a monster) we have decided on the Islamic Sheep which we have done mass recon to educate our selves for several reasons. With the limited space we have on our 3 acres and access to leased pasture. The several products a small heard of 3(a ram and 2-3 ewes) with our thinking we have learned would provide, gourmet meat, milk with the spin off of cheese, soap, yogurt and "pet milk". A dual coated fleece, horns,selling rams and ewes at a very good price as you know.

    With ewe lambs producing their first year, this means that a person could recoup the price of their original stock in one year. With seaman and pelts to round out the list and hopefully you being our mentor, it seems to be the best road for us to take. With a traveling butcher, a farrier for their health and me having safeserv certification for food handling, we have hopes that it will work on a very small scale.

    We have bartered a vast amount of work in trade for a lot of the by products. One friend trading milk for Venison which we LOVE, pasture for lambs, cheese, yogurt, and meat for the farrier,and a choice of a few of the by products for the butcher we hope to cut a portion of our cost. I am also looking into funding for USDA rule development, minority, women and the barter system will limit a lot of cost.

    Well that is it for now, I am off to do research for a bit of funding. I do hope you have a prosperous day and be safe!!


    1. It sounds like you have a well thought out plan!I look forward to meeting you and talking sheep. It is one of my favorite things to do!