Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our First Taste Of Winter

Oh, my! Winter arrived today with frigid temperatures and high winds. With the temperatures in the low 20's and the wind chill in the single digits, to say it is a shock to our system, would be an understatement. (Sunday was 60*!) Yesterday we tried covering the lettuce with buckets and blankets but the wind wreaked havoc and most of it was frozen. Though I picked quite a bit last night, after it is gone, it looks like it will be spinach and kale salads for a while.

It is a slow week at the grading company so Luke and the guys worked on the new wood shed yesterday. It is mostly finished and already filling slowly with wood. While they were splitting wood they happened to notice a chicken caught in the fly net over the coop. They cut him out and called me. He must of been there a while and the bad rooster from last week took the opportunity to beat the puddin' out of him while tangled up.
 I moved him to the barn under lights and gave him feed and water. He was a bit bloody and limping but should make a full recovery. When Doug arrived home I told him about the incident. It seems "AJ" is his favorite rooster and bad boy rooster is definitely slated to be dumplings this weekend.
Today the guys are grading for a new hay barn on the hill. We have decided to start baling our second cutting of hay into round bales and need a place to store it. As soon as the horses are placed in new homes we plan to add a few beef cattle to the farm and it is much easier to feed them that way.
I fed early today and filled all the feeders to capacity with hay so the critters would have plenty to eat and keep them warm. Unfortunately, I forgot to drain hoses last night and they were frozen solid. I stretched them out in the sun to thaw but with the high only reaching 37*  that was going to take a while and so I ended up hauling water in buckets. With everyone content, I headed back to the house to stoke the fire and start some supper.

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