Monday, August 10, 2009

Filling the Pantry

Since Friday I have managed to add another 40 jars of food to the pantry shelves. Lima beans, salsa, and pickles, including okra and jalapenos. I absolutely love to see the shelves fill! I feel like the wealthiest person on earth each time I open the door.
There is still a lot I need to can to get ready for winter. I need to do spaghetti sauce, however there seems to be a shortage of tomatoes this year. I also want to put roasted red peppers in the freezer and since my peppers have done nothing this year that may not happen either! I will have crowder peas to can in a few weeks and our second crop of filet beans are blooming.
I was always told to can enough for two years in case of crop failure. This is excellent advice since, sadly, we may be doing without some of our favorites this winter if I can't locate some of these goodies from other local farmers.