Monday, September 14, 2015

The End Of A Long Hot Summer?

Today felt like the beginning of  Fall. A long awaited and welcome change. It has been one of the longest, hottest and driest summers I can remember. We are still almost 7 inches below our normal rainfall and almost broke the record for days numbering 90*. The homestead has muddled through though. The garden has suffered but we have still managed to can and preserve a good quantity of vegetables. An early good crop of cukes made pickles, tomatoes, though late, have been bountiful and a good supply has been added to the pantry. There was no corn or onions at all this year but our late peas have managed to survive and have done surprisingly well. I am freezing those and sis is canning. The jalapenos are hotter than heck due to lack of rain but I am just seeding them before canning!

It has been an extremely busy summer. All of the old fencing is being replaced. Another 14 acres has been purchased and added to the farm. Lots of clearing has been done to make way for new pastures and (hopefully) cattle in the spring. Luke has moved back from college and has been a tremendous help but in doing that, Doug and I have had to spend several weekends getting the townhouse in Wilmington ready to sell.

Sis and I have added to the Kune Kune herd. Her hubby has been very busy building the Kune Condos and we had our first litter born.
Mom and Dad are building a house on the compound and Luke and his future bride will be moving an existing house from one of the new properties back off the road to remodel at the end of the year.

A brand new website is being designed and is slated to come out in the next couple of weeks. An Etsy shop is in the works and should follow soon after. If you haven't checked out the Facebook page do so. A lot of quick blurbs of summer happenings!

Some things were accomplished that we had hoped for. Others not, but new and exciting things took their place. It was a hot, busy, crazy summer here on the homestead. but as always a blessed one. I have missed blogging and am glad to be back!