Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blueberries Have Arrived!

Early this morning my oldest son, Jason, and I hooked up to the horse trailer and headed towards the mountains. We were headed to pick up blueberry bushes. And pickup we did. They did not have the full 50 but I still came home with 40. Among the varieties- Premier, Power blue, Legacy, Climax and Teff blue, of which I had wanted more. They will order those for me if I decide to make another trip after these go in. I also came home with a pink variety, only 3 of those though. Just thought they sounded kind of cool. The one called Legacy bears the latest and we were told they were picking berries at frost last fall. These bushes are all loaded with blooms too. 
Of course since I didn't get all 50 bushes that left room on the trailer. I added 5 huge thornless blackberry bushes. I had 10 in the greenhouse but they are so small. These should produce a good little harvest this year.
Gonna be a busy week here on the homestead!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Shearing

Earlier this week I got an email from our shearers. We have had a hard time coordinating a time. They wanted to come tonight between 6 and 7. I knew it would be a late night but we had some hot days this week and the sheep need it badly. Thankfully, they arrived closer to 6. We finished up right at 9. Everyone was tired and dirty but that was a huge chore marked off the list.
The sheep are definitely more comfortable!  A yearling ewe in front. The unshorn rams in the background are slated for freezer camp in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcome Ludovic

Meet the newest addition to our "homestead security" team! Ludovic is a 9 week old dutch shepherd. He is a very handsome fellow, we think
He loves Ziva and thinks she would be great fun to play with.
I think she feels the same!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sis and I made a trip to Lowes's today. She needed some mulch and I needed soaker hoses for the strawberries.Well, she got mulch...only because it was in the garden center! We got totally sidetracked with a cart of 1.00 plants! I am not sure the reason they had been discounted so deeply because they looked perfectly fine. So we loaded the truck with geraniums, purple wave petunias and gerber daisies. I added a few red geraniums that were regular price and some blue daze plants. Pots are now overflowing with color!

Halfway home I remembered I had not gotten the hoses. Want to go back? sis asked. Nah, it's supposed to rain. Next trip, front door and list!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Early Corn and Green Beans

We don't normally plant corn this early but decided to give it a go this year. Doug has been itching to try it and so when we got in from work today he planted 3 rows. It will be awesome if Mother Nature will cooperate and the corn makes! Taking another chance we also planted a row of green beans.
Our last frost date is not until April 15 so we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Busy Wednesday

Monday's rain put us way behind on the week's chores. So, today we crammed two days worth of work into one!
It started with early morning baking and delivering some special order breads and back home by 9:30. We have a new farm intern and she arrived as I pulled back in the drive.
The rest of the day began.
First on the list was to make a lavender soap for my future daughter-in-law (yes, Luke is engaged!) that she wanted to give as favors to her bride's maids.
Lavender essential oil, ground lavender buds and a purple swirl, it turned out quite lovely!
Then we were off to the barn to feed and water the meat birds and fill water buckets. Next on the list was planting the potatoes that were supposed to go in on Monday. We lacked enough potatoes to finish about 20 feet of the 3rd 100 foot row. I will pick up a few more next trip to the feed store. A quick stop for lunch and then we headed to the greenhouse to get the strawberry plants. Black plastic was rolled out and holes cut to tuck each plant in. 75 planted today, we are still waiting for the other 25 to ship.
Even when those arrive I think there is still room for probably another 25 or so and I may try to find enough to finish out the row. Sis weeded the garlic and we called it a good garden day!
After our intern left, it was time for afternoon barn chores and I still had to snap a few pics to finish up the newly revised website that should be back up and running very soon!

A great day on the homestead!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last night the temperature dropped to a record breaking 25*. It looks a though the blueberries made in through..
not so much the Star magnolia though..

Hopefully this was winter's last hoorah and Spring will be here to stay!
It's potato planting time and today I cut up 65 pounds of seed potatoes to dry a bit before going in the ground. Yukon Gold, Reds and All Blue purple potatoes will hopefully be planted tomorrow.