Thursday, February 13, 2014

We are snowed in. 5 inches of snow fell yesterday, then it started to sleet with some freezing rain mixed in. That continued most of the night. I know this because Ziva decided she wanted to make a potty run at 2 a.m. I am not sure but  think it was about two inches of sleet and then the snow came back for a round two. Huge flakes fell and it continued to snow most of the day. This morning was exceptionally peaceful and beautiful.

We ventured out mid day to check on the animals and gather more wood. I came in with icicles in my hair!
Because we had taken preventative measures with feed and water, chores went quickly and easily. Even the chickens were content and we gathered a dozen eggs. They must know spring will be here soon.

We did have one power blip during the night but thankfully that was all is was. So many were not so lucky.
The only casualty our family suffered was my oldest son fell and broke his hand feeding his horses. Poor thing spent many hours at the emergency room last night.

Late afternoon the sun made a short appearance and we wandered out to enjoy the beauty. An unhurried, unharried day off! Ziva found the snow quite fun and the sheep took it in stride.
Since I had done most inside chores earlier this week like laundry and cleaning in case of power outage, there was not much to do. I played in the kitchen and made a yummy bacon and dark chocolate biscotti that we enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee.
I  also finished up a scarf that was long ago started. 
A lovely day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A cold gray morning greeted us. Still no snow so once again I baked for the store, delivered and hurried home. Chores were started and by the time I was done flakes had started falling. Hard and fast they came and the ground was covered in short order. Many people were caught off guard, I am not sure how as they had been warned, and the city of Charlotte became a gridlock of cars.
We here on the homestead, were prepared. The animals were content and munching on extra hay. The second pot of soup simmered on the stove and a fire blazed in the fireplace. We are hunkered down and ready for what will happen over the course of the next few days!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day #2 Storm Prep

The storm that was supposed to arrive this eve had slowed and now won't be here until tomorrow. Each time the arrival is delayed the snow totals go up. Now possibly 8 inches. Ugh.
The little country store where I work decided to open today so our regulars could pick up milk and bread. I baked and went into work for a few hours. A small band of snow showers blew in as I arrived and covered the ground quickly. The roads were warm and so at this point travel was fine.
After I got off, I stopped by to pick up extra dog and cat food. I think most people had laid in supplies in the previous days and it wasn't too hectic. I did see a lot of buggies full of beer, wine and soft drinks!

I arrived home and did preliminary chores. The heavier ones would be completed when Doug got in. Lots of hay needed to be hauled and of course more wood brought up

The first of two pots of soup I planned to cook was started. Today, chicken noodle, tomorrow vegetable beef!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Preparing For The Storm

For the last few days weather forecasters have told us that a winter storm is coming. It's not a matter of maybe but a how much and how long it will last. Today I spent the day getting prepared. Extra grain and chicken food was picked up to get us through until next week. As usual when uncertain weather threatens extra water buckets were filled and added to the pastures. The tarps and plastic we put up to block cold winds a few weeks ago were still in place, so we were good there. Once the critters were settled I brought up a small load of wood. Doug will bring in more over the next two days. A chance of ice and freezing rain could cause power outages so we certainly need much stacked in the garage.
Inside I checked water reserves and made sure there were plenty of paper plates, bowls and napkins. These are things we don't normally use but in the case of no power and no water to wash dishes they are kept in our emergency box. Also plenty of batteries for flashlights and coffee...gotta have coffee. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today was a beautiful day. A great deal of time was spent outside just picking up and cleaning up branches and other winter debris. I pruned the Limelight hydrangeas and took Ziva for a long stroll along the pond. Halfway back she started acting nutty and proceeded to end up IN the pond. We made a mad dash back to the house to get her dried off and warmed.

Earlier this morning we had some prospective sheep buyers out and the last of the proven ewes that were for sale along with a ram were sold. We will deliver them to their new homes in a couple of weeks.

Later in the day after Ziva was ready for another field trip we wandered to the greenhouse to see how all the seedlings were coming along. I am amazed at how quickly they grow! The broccoli raab is enormous. Lots of orange bells popping up as well.

We enjoyed as much of the sunshine as we could. Tomorrow will be a busy day preparing for another winter storm that is to hit Tuesday. Snow and sleet along with a possibility of freezing rain are headed our way. Let's hope for snow! Freezing rain could get ugly. Either way the generator is full of gas and extra cans are filled as well. We'll be ready.