Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time Flies! Veggies Tales

Its hard to believe almost 2 months have slipped by without a homestead update. It has been a very productive summer. Canning daily has kept me very busy! My newest addition to my kitchen has been a Carey Canner. It is electric so it is perfect for canning things that take a long time, soups, beans and meats for the most part here. I have so enjoyed it!
Using it I have added canned chicken, canned beef chunks, breakfast sausage for gravy, vegetable soup and canned dried beans to the pantry.

The garden was hit and miss but we did end up with quite a large green bean harvest and the crowder peas did well. Dad's old timey "yard peas" (seeds planted from my grandmother's stash from at least 50 years ago!) did well too. All were lovingly canned and stashed for winter enjoyment. Lots more pickled peppers were canned since we are eating them almost as fast as they are canned!
Chopped peppers (for adding to cornbread) and eggplant Parmesan were frozen.
 The dehydrator has run almost non stop with yet more peppers, fruit slices for adding to water and hot tea and powdering for homemade vitamin C powder and my new love eggplant jerky!
Details on jerky to come and farm tales posted soon!