Thursday, February 13, 2014

We are snowed in. 5 inches of snow fell yesterday, then it started to sleet with some freezing rain mixed in. That continued most of the night. I know this because Ziva decided she wanted to make a potty run at 2 a.m. I am not sure but  think it was about two inches of sleet and then the snow came back for a round two. Huge flakes fell and it continued to snow most of the day. This morning was exceptionally peaceful and beautiful.

We ventured out mid day to check on the animals and gather more wood. I came in with icicles in my hair!
Because we had taken preventative measures with feed and water, chores went quickly and easily. Even the chickens were content and we gathered a dozen eggs. They must know spring will be here soon.

We did have one power blip during the night but thankfully that was all is was. So many were not so lucky.
The only casualty our family suffered was my oldest son fell and broke his hand feeding his horses. Poor thing spent many hours at the emergency room last night.

Late afternoon the sun made a short appearance and we wandered out to enjoy the beauty. An unhurried, unharried day off! Ziva found the snow quite fun and the sheep took it in stride.
Since I had done most inside chores earlier this week like laundry and cleaning in case of power outage, there was not much to do. I played in the kitchen and made a yummy bacon and dark chocolate biscotti that we enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee.
I  also finished up a scarf that was long ago started. 
A lovely day!

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