Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today was a beautiful day. A great deal of time was spent outside just picking up and cleaning up branches and other winter debris. I pruned the Limelight hydrangeas and took Ziva for a long stroll along the pond. Halfway back she started acting nutty and proceeded to end up IN the pond. We made a mad dash back to the house to get her dried off and warmed.

Earlier this morning we had some prospective sheep buyers out and the last of the proven ewes that were for sale along with a ram were sold. We will deliver them to their new homes in a couple of weeks.

Later in the day after Ziva was ready for another field trip we wandered to the greenhouse to see how all the seedlings were coming along. I am amazed at how quickly they grow! The broccoli raab is enormous. Lots of orange bells popping up as well.

We enjoyed as much of the sunshine as we could. Tomorrow will be a busy day preparing for another winter storm that is to hit Tuesday. Snow and sleet along with a possibility of freezing rain are headed our way. Let's hope for snow! Freezing rain could get ugly. Either way the generator is full of gas and extra cans are filled as well. We'll be ready.

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