Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day #2 Storm Prep

The storm that was supposed to arrive this eve had slowed and now won't be here until tomorrow. Each time the arrival is delayed the snow totals go up. Now possibly 8 inches. Ugh.
The little country store where I work decided to open today so our regulars could pick up milk and bread. I baked and went into work for a few hours. A small band of snow showers blew in as I arrived and covered the ground quickly. The roads were warm and so at this point travel was fine.
After I got off, I stopped by to pick up extra dog and cat food. I think most people had laid in supplies in the previous days and it wasn't too hectic. I did see a lot of buggies full of beer, wine and soft drinks!

I arrived home and did preliminary chores. The heavier ones would be completed when Doug got in. Lots of hay needed to be hauled and of course more wood brought up

The first of two pots of soup I planned to cook was started. Today, chicken noodle, tomorrow vegetable beef!

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