Monday, February 10, 2014

Preparing For The Storm

For the last few days weather forecasters have told us that a winter storm is coming. It's not a matter of maybe but a how much and how long it will last. Today I spent the day getting prepared. Extra grain and chicken food was picked up to get us through until next week. As usual when uncertain weather threatens extra water buckets were filled and added to the pastures. The tarps and plastic we put up to block cold winds a few weeks ago were still in place, so we were good there. Once the critters were settled I brought up a small load of wood. Doug will bring in more over the next two days. A chance of ice and freezing rain could cause power outages so we certainly need much stacked in the garage.
Inside I checked water reserves and made sure there were plenty of paper plates, bowls and napkins. These are things we don't normally use but in the case of no power and no water to wash dishes they are kept in our emergency box. Also plenty of batteries for flashlights and coffee...gotta have coffee. 

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