Friday, January 20, 2012

The Seed List

We tried to show restraint, it was tough but I don't think we were toooo naughty!
Several different kinds of squash were ordered including a camouflage zucchini. This year we are attempting pumpkins, one called Fairytale, a Cinderella type that is not only edible but beautiful. Also, a spaghetti squash, called called Tivoli that is supposed to produce "scads", their words not mine, of squash!. Some other fun and different vegetables include an orange eggplant, a white radish with a red center (called watermelon) and celery. All in all it was around 35 different things. After plundering through last years stash, it was decided we had plenty of tomato, pepper and other eggplant seeds. According to my sis, this weekend is VERY fertile and a good time to get some things started ;o)
After ordering, I headed to the garden and picked a large basket of kale for a casserole tonight. I checked the injured goat from earlier this week and she has healed up nicely. The boys finished the divider fence to keep the animals off the hay pasture, so I called the cashmere goats and sheep up. Two of the babies were a little confused and after a merry chase they finally went in the smaller pasture. They will spend the next few months here until hay season is over. Hay racks and mineral bins were refilled.
 I was gifted with a fifty gallon drum of spent grains from a local brewery and several scoops were tossed to the chickens. I will feed those another day or so and put the rest in the garden. Chores were finished and I headed to the house. Time for a fire and supper...

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