Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Chilly Saturday

Another short cold snap is upon us. It was cold in the kitchen when I got up early to put the sourdough bread into pans. It let me know just how cold, by taking some extra time to rise.While waiting, I put some white beans in the crock pot for some kale soup tomorrow and made a fresh pitcher of tea. I finally got the bread baked and headed to the store to drop it and some soap off.
Once back home, I thought that I might make soap today. That however, would not come to pass
Saturday mornings my kitchen is always a huge mess from all the bowls and pans it takes to make sourdough, not to mention breakfast dishes. I usually clean up while baking, but this morning I got side tracked and had that chore after delivery. I had no sooner finished getting the kitchen in order when the boys poked their head in the door and asked what was for lunch. Really? I would have loved to say McDonald's. I pulled the deer roast from the fridge, thinly sliced it and put it and some leftover cooked apples in the oven. There was a bit of left over pasta and so I heated that up as well. Sandwiches made, I called them up and got everyone fed. Out the door they went and I turned to survey my kitchen, which was once again, a mess. Sigh, that is life on the homestead. Pots, pans and lots of dishes when you cook from scratch. Round two finally finished, it was too late to start soap so I headed to the barn and garden.
Thankfully I remembered to unhook the hoses yesterday and let them drain, so I didn't have to haul water today. I filled mineral pans and gave one of my older goats some extra liquid vitamins. I was finishing up with hay when I noticed one of my icelandic ewes looked a bit strange. I grabbed her and could not believe it, she had bottle jaw. I wanted to scream. I checked the other girls and all had good pink eyes. I pulled the sick ewe out, gave her some vitamins and wormed her. Unfortunately, I will be culling her. Parasite resistance is a big trait I am working towards in my flock and she is not making the cut. Once she was settled by herself where she had some extra feed and hay, I headed to the garden.
I picked lots of kale, broccoli and carrots. I also picked a large armload of collards that I will serve tomorrow with the chicken we are having.
The boys had been working on a permanent fence line to divide our hay pastures and I went to admire the nice straight line. In years past we have had an electric fence but spent too much time repairing it and finally decided to put up wire. The posts and gates are set and next weekend the wire will go up. I told my husband how nice it looked and he said he knew inspector #13 (me) would be out soon and he didn't want to have to redo anything ;o))  On that note, I headed back to the kitchen to start on supper and dirty the pots and pans once again.


  1. I yearn for this type of living again. I was born and raised on a farm in MI and life has finally come back around so I can have a little taste of it. We have bought 3 acres of wild untamed land and my first thought was... brush goats! Now looking and reading about Icelandic Sheep and the multi-purpose use for a small farm seems to fit.
    With getting my hip replaced in about 20 days I know I will miss gardening and getting the farm set up for the best use of the property and what is best for the animals. I am hoping my family will at least try to maintain a small garden.

    I hope in the future or when you can you become a consultant or take on apprentices to learn this valuable way of living. I know I could use a refresher course as it has been to many years I care to count. I would love to be your first Prodigy if you ever do consider it!

    Thank you for providing this wonderful look into your life and a with out a doubt I am a little jealous!

    Looking forward to more of your writings.

    Burlington NC

  2. Shea~
    I hope to hear you have a fast and speedy recovery from your surgery. Keep us posted and I will certainly be glad to have you here for a visit. We have considered apprentices, maybe you CAN be the first.