Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting the Garden Fever

Last year my sister got a small greenhouse, which with my help she has already outgrown. I keep finding seeds for her to start. Today I called to see if we might be able to squeeze a couple of buckets in there to plant some purple potatoes I brought home from the store that had nice sprouts on them. She said sure ;o)
 It seems she has a bit more patience than I when it comes to starting and taking care of seedlings. Though I have done it for years, I am handing over the reins since she has found her niche. Together we are probably going to be quite dangerous... which leads me to this. We are ordering seeds tomorrow!
We have a huge pile of catalogs to peruse. So in the morning, we are going to curl up in front of the fireplace with big glasses of tea and have a seed ordering party. I know some purple cayenne peppers have already caught her eye and I am wanting to try some annual artichokes. Then there are all those different types of broccoli and cabbage and squash and tomatoes and peppers and eggplant.. oh my! And what about all those pumpkins and potatoes and herbs. And flowers, beautiful flowers.... maybe I'll plant a cutting garden... Maybe I need to enlarge the garden.....maybe I need therapy!
Tomorrow I will post our orders.....

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  1. Oh how I look forward getting up in the early mornings and I feel living vicariously through your writings. Spring planting is exciting to me as well and no trust me therapy will not help! Look at it this way. At least you are not addicted to something bad, as it is a healthy addiction for you!

    I too am blown away the way nature provide such a variety of wonderful nutrition and beauty for us to thrive on our entire lives.... sad the general public is trapped by marketing and chemical foods that contribute to such illness and life threatening conditions. I often think it is one huge conspiracy where food industry, pharmacological companies and others keep us trapped in the endless afflictions that plague America... seems like leading sheep to slaughter... no pun intended ;)

    Enjoy your wonderful day you have planned and I will see you in the morning!