Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doing Some Doctoring

This morning when I headed to the chicken coop to take then some scraps one of the white cashmere goats had a dark face. Hmmm... not normal. Upon further inspection I realized that it was blood. It looks like one of the guardian dogs snapped at her. Knowing this goat is a non-believer and temps fate over the dog food dish on a regular basis, I can see how it happened. One would think after two years she would just let it go.
Back to the house I went and made a phone call. I needed an extra set of hands and Mom was home. When she arrived I took a bucket of hot salt water down and started cleaning her up. Once most of the blood was washed off I could see the injury. Though pretty scratched up on one side, it will heal up fine. The other side is very swollen and looks like it needs to be drained. I held hot compresses on it and tried to open the scab. I will continue this for another day or so before calling the vet.
On to the barn to check the little ewe with bottle jaw. She looks great, is eating well and going to be fine.
Feeding chores were completed and I refilled all the mineral dishes.
 I was excited to finish up sooner than usual and hurried to my studio. I spent the next hour carding a lovely moorit Icelandic lamb fleece. It is so soft and luxurious!

I am almost done and can't wait to spin it up. Once that is done, I can decide on a project for it!

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