Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stinky Buck Smell

On today's list was moving the bucks and rams back to their own pasture. The first to be moved was my large alpine buck. This is really a long overdue chore and after seeing him chase one of the does due to kid in a few weeks, a necessary one. I snapped a lead on his collar and started leading him up the drive.When I looked down at his feet I realized they were in pretty rough shape and desperate for a trim. I knew I should have done that before breeding season and before he smelled so bad. Yuck. And so we turned around and headed back towards the barn. He was so excited he practically drug me there, at 200 pounds that was a relatively easy task. I tied him up and started trimming, he was not thrilled and it was a struggle with me trying to keep him pinned to the wall of the barn. He was also really intent on rubbing his big stinky head on my leg. My trimmers were dull and I stopped long enough to sharpen and oil them. When I came back he was peeing on the foot I just trimmed. Disgusting. I may never trim that foot again. More wrestling ensued and finally I was done. Not a great job but one that would do for now. I checked his eyes. Nice and pink, so no need to worm him. Once again we headed up the drive to his summer home. He and the rams will be in the pasture with the new hay and equipment barn that is almost finished and far away from the ladies.
Now I smelled exactly like him but still had chores to do. I hoped no one would drop by for a visit!
I finished feeding and started checking the dairy does out. They need hoof trimming as well. I got a couple done and dosed them with some garlic and vitamins. Their eyes though not super pink, looked ok so I decided the give the garlic drench a shot. We'll see what happens.
I wanted to do some picking in the garden but decided I was way too nasty to handle food and instead ended up weeding the strawberries. Unfortunately with all this warm weather, they think spring is here and a few are blooming. The weeds were tossed to the goats, I could stand myself no longer so I headed for the shower.
Shortly after that my husband arrived home from work. He was putting out round bales for the cows and needed help opening gates. He was also going to moving a hay feeder to the buck pasture. While waiting for him to toss down a small bale of hay from the loft I heard a noise and turned to see big stinky buck standing behind me. "Don't you come near me!" I screeched. I did a little dance, herded him in the barn without touching him.
My husband said, " I thought you moved him." I did. Sigh. I went to see where he might gave escaped. A small gate, rarely used had not been latched and of course he found it.
So tomorrow I will move him, again. Right after I prune the grape vines.

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