Friday, January 27, 2012

Seeds Are Sprouting!

I visited my sister today and we played among the plants. Seeds are sprouting left and right. Purple cauliflower, early tomatoes and flowers for the cutting garden are up. Chinese cabbage and some early peppers are in the mix as well. Our ordered seeds have been arriving all week and today was another good day to plant (according to the almanac) and so we added a few more goodies to the green house. We have heard that it is possible to grow celery here. I ordered a variety called "Tango". You must soak the seeds overnight and not cover much since light aids germination. The seeds like lots of moisture and even warmth, so that flat went under the lights in her basement. Artichokes were also planted. They like less moisture and cooler temps so they remained outside in the greenhouse.

Cauliflower seedlings:

Pepper seedlings-

And our helper of the day, Hope. She planted rocks....

Anyone have a good stone soup recipe?

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