Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Farm Production Totals

Happy New Year!
Though we are busy planning for the upcoming year I  finally got everything added up from this past one. Here is a rundown of what came off the farm this year.

EGGS-4180                                    POTATOES- 7 BUSHELS
MILK- 327.5 GALLONS                    PLUMS- 29 LBS
BREAD- 1590 LOAVES                     BELL PEPPERS- 168
SNOW PEAS- 42 LBS.                      BEETS 19 LBS.
CARROTS- 20 LBS.                         TOMATOES- 162.5 LBS.
CABBAGE- 15 HEADS                      GRAPES- 1 BUSHEL
SQUASH- 55.25 LBS                        EGGPLANT- 78
ONIONS- 784                                  JALAPENOS- 11.75 LBS
GARLIC- 285 HEADS                       CUCUMBERS- 15 LBS
OKRA- 31.75 LBS                            BUTTER PEAS- 45.75 LBS
CROWDER PEAS- 60.75 LBS            RUTABAGA- 4.5 LBS

In addition to the above we harvested large amounts of herbs, radishes and green onions. It was a bad year for corn and green beans here with only about 6 dozen ears and 11 pounds of green beans.
We also had 47 goat kids and 14 lambs born here on the farm. We baled 1480 bales of hay.
We have already started tracking for this year. I think I will track poundage on all the produce. I would love to know the total amount in pounds from our vegetable garden and orchard.
Either way, 2011 was a good year here on the homestead!

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