Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Soapy & A Sloppy Saturday

This morning greeted us with lots of rain and grey clouds. After baking sourdough for the store I hurried home to get busy making soap. The longest part, or should I say most boring, is lining the molds. I got 8 lined and started weighing and measuring. Today I made Russian Tea, Summer Breeze, a lovely clean scent swirled with blue and Juniper, another light clean scent mixed with oatmeal. Unfortunately I was stopped in my tracks because I ran out of lye. Now because of all the druggies out there, you can't buy lye just anywhere anymore. However, you can order it online all day. Guess they don't have credit cards? Geez. And I was on a roll...
Once I cleaned up my mess, I put on my raincoat and headed to the barn. It was a sloppy mess for sure, the kind that will suck your boots off if not careful. The silly goats stand under the shed peering out, not daring to get wet. Thankfully for them, we had a slight break and I was able to pour grain in their troughs or it would have been a hay day only for those girls. I noticed one of the does had a swollen ear and let her in the barn to check it out. It was a nasty oozing mess. I am sure one of the other "ladies" bit her over the grain dish. On the milking stand she went, to get it cleaned up and antibiotic ointment on it. It was very sore and she was none too pleased with me, so suffice it to say, it turned out to be quite a wrestling match, even with her in a head gate.
She will stay in the barn for a few days where I can keep a close eye on her.
First the doctoring on the cashmere and now this, I felt like yelling at the critters, "Can't we all just get along!"

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