Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the "must do" list today was cleaning out the milking parlor. Over the course of the winter a lot of stuff got stacked in there. Since we will be gearing up to milk here in the next couple of weeks, it was time. With Mom's help it was looking pretty good in short order. I still want to add some organizing bins and I need a second head gate for one of the stands. My hope is that if I threaten to buy one my hubby will build it for me. At her suggestion, we decided a hot plate might be nice to heat up milk for the kids and water for washing instead of making a thousand trips up and down the hill each day. I still need to pressure wash the milking stands~ maybe this weekend that will happen. I also need to order some supplies from Hoegger Supply very soon.

Once we were done and the mid day feeding was finished I went to check on the plants at the greenhouse. My sister said today was a good planting day. I had one last pack of tomatoes to get started and lots of things were ready to transplant. The greenhouse is almost to it's max. We have cauliflower ready to harden off and as soon as that is done some space will be freed up. We chatted about an opportunity we have to purchase a much bigger greenhouse (100 feet long) that would serve as a greenhouse as well as an in ground hoop house and where we could locate it. Lots of broccoli raab, celery, snapdragons and peppers were potted up. Several flats of tomatoes and eggplant too.
We tend to get lost out there and loose track of time and when I looked up it was past five!
I still had night feedings and supper to cook!! I hurried home and made a barn check. My older saanen doe was in labor. The bottle kids keep harassing her and she was in a foul mood so I moved her to an undisclosed location where she could kid in peace ;o) Then it was on to the house to get supper ready and feed to two-leggeds. Then it was back to the barn to milk and feed the babies. In the interim, "Roxanne" had delivered a lovely set of twin does.

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