Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Yeah, It's Cold!

17 * this morning. The wind is still blowing, though not as hard as last night. Yesterday I kept thinking someone was at the door and each time it was the leaves tinking on the windows. It blew hard most of the night. Doug and I took turns putting wood on the fire in hopes of keeping the heat from clicking on too much. I swear one of these days that big wood furnace is going to appear outside and my dependence on the electric and gas companies will drop one more notch....
All was fine in the barnyard and chores were quickly done. Shovels were used to break the ice in the buckets. More hay was put out. Tonight promises to be quit cold once again and then things will level out and be more normal.
I called to see how the greenhouse fared and was thrilled to hear our heating plan had worked and the temperature in there was  47* this morning! Not one seedling was lost. Ya-hoo!
Since it was really too cold to do much outside it was a good day to keep the fire stoked and make soup. I decided it was a two soup day and made a pot of beef stew with dumplings and a Potato Florentine using potatoes from the basement and the spinach picked yesterday. Add to that some sourdough bread and a feast ensued. All in all it was a quiet day on the farm.

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