Monday, February 13, 2012

Trying Something New

We have 2 English setters. One has allergies that get so bad in the summer, he has to be on multiple meds and steroids. Each summer has gotten progressively worse. Last summer was so bad, that it crossed my mind he would be better off being put to sleep than enduring the misery he was in. Come winter time, he regrows all his hair, his skin clears up and he looks like a normal dog once again. Outside of spending hundreds of dollars for testing and more medications that may or may not help,( which I was prepared to do), we were posed to spend yet another miserable summer. A few months ago a veterinarian brought his goat here to be bred. We chatted about his problems and he felt he could help. Today I journeyed to Kings Mountain to meet with a this veterinarian. He is a holistic vet, though able to dispense drugs he prefers to take the more natural route first. We are going to try using homeopathy for the allergies and supplements to boost the immune system. It made perfect sense to me. How did he decide what he was allergic to? Through muscle testing. Quite an interesting visit! We came home with a concoction mixed especially for him that included allergens to grasses, trees in this area and pollen. Things may need to be tweaked but this is a start and I am hopeful. I will keep you posted!
Being that Kings Mountain is an hour away, a good chunk of my day was taken and once home it was time to jump on chores. Today was warmer so it wasn't bad being outside and I enjoyed the sunshine. I did manage to get a few weeds plucked out of the herb beds but much work remains to be done there. Ah well, another day!

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