Sunday, February 19, 2012


This morning I shuffled to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. I wandered over to look out the window as is my usual practice. Standing on the pond dam was my saanen doe, Ms. White. Beside her was not one, not two but three large kids. All of them were up and dry and looking great. However, the rains were here and they would soon be soaked and cold. I hurried to put on some clothes and boots and headed to the barn. I got  them settled in a dry stall,  gave her a scoop of grain and went back to enjoy my first cup of coffee.
Once I had some caffeine coursing through my veins I headed back to the barn. I wanted to get a light hung and I hadn't even checked their sex the first go round. Two does and a buck. Hooray! hopefully this year the tables will turn and we will be blessed with more girls than boys. Last year was dismal with 26 bucks and 10 does. We are certainly due a good "girl" year.
As promised it was a nasty day. Hay feeders were stuffed full and the critters were content. The temperature continued to drop as the day wore on. We have 4 more does due on the 22nd and fingers crossed they will wait.
And so kidding season 2012 begins.....

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