Friday, February 24, 2012

It was exceptionally warm today and because of that thunderstorms were in the forecast. I hurried to get my baking done as I needed to get to the feed store to pick up some feed and alfalfa hay for the dairy does. I got home and unloaded everything. Today I spent a great deal of time doing barn chores. New mineral dishes were put out filled with salt, minerals and kelp. I brought in two does that look close to delivery. Actually they are overdue but will most likely kid tonight with the changing weather. Seems to be a trigger! Once everyone was settled I headed to my sister's house. We spent several hours potting tomatoes, celery and eggplant. Though the skies darkened and the winds came up, the interior was cozy and inviting, bursting with the promise of spring.We were run in the house once when the wind became so fierce we feared we might be carried off. Once that passed we were able to finish up with the transplanting. Then it was back to the barn. The afternoon check revealed the second Jacob had lambed. She looked a bit confused, I think this was her first time, so the two tiny babes were hauled to a stall with lights. Finishing up, I finally headed for the shower and to fix supper.  

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