Saturday, February 11, 2012

He's Here!

By he, I mean old man winter. He made his unwelcome appearance today in the form of frigid temps and cold winds. Our high for the day was this morning and the temperature dropped as the day went on.By 10 a.m. the winds had already started to howl. Leaving the kitchen in a mess, I decided to get all the outside chores done as early as possible.
There would not be much thawing in the next day or two so my first chore was to fill all the water buckets completely full and drain the hoses. Hay feeders were filled to capacity. One of the dairy does that looks close was moved to a stall with fresh bedding, just in case.
Once all the animals were taken care of, I went to the garden to pick greens to hold us over for the next few days. I knew the small amount of lettuce that has survived thus far would be gone with the 19* temps so I filled a bushel basket with that. I also picked several bags of kale and spinach. They will survive but not be happy for  a bit. Lastly I harvested carrots, lots of carrots! Almost 5 dozen were added to the pile of veggies. My fingers felt quit frozen by the time I was done. Hubby brought in a huge load of wood and we were glad to be finished outside. Tomorrow promises to be the same, it will be a good soup and fire day, but only after critters are tended, again!          

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