Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Feast From The Farm

Valentine's Day. A day for doing something special for the one you love. My husband and I have been together 28 years. Married for 20 of those years. At the risk of sounding incredibly sappy, we still adore each other. We are blessed. Today was to be the first Valentine's day that we have been alone together in quite a while. Not that I mind having the kids here and a bit sad because they aren't.
I decided to make a surprise feast for my hubby. I wanted to use what we raised here at the farm for the most part (darn it, we don't raise lobsters!) and for it all to be homemade. I had been perusing cookbooks for the last few days and finally settled on lemon chicken, carrot orzo and steamed broccoli ( the LAST of the broccoli ). Our appetizer was to be jalapeno chevre and crackers and for dessert mini eclairs with an espresso cream filling drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce...
Once he left for work, I sprang into action. I thawed the chicken breasts and laid out the goat cheese left from the fall. I made the eclair puffs and when the first batch didn't suit me, I tossed them to the chickens and made another. I made the cream filling and set it to chill and finished the chocolate sauce. I chopped  the veggies for the orzo, carrots, onions and garlic, all from the farm. I harvested fresh parsley and chives from the herb garden. Everything was ready to put together easily and quickly. Then I headed to the gym for a quick workout. Once home, I tended all the critters. Co-op was due in today and made a quick trip to meet our driver. That picked up and distributed, I got home and set the table for the surprise feast.
The lemon chicken was divine and the orzo was thick and creamy, made risotto style. The cheese had just the right hint of heat. And dessert? Wow!

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