Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out With The Old- Orchard Day 1

First thing this morning while I was baking, the boys fertilized the hay fields. We finished about the same time and after lunch  headed to the orchard. Our fruit trees arrived yesterday. I can't wait to get them in the ground! Today we spent several hours cutting down the old trees and hauling them off. The large old pear that had a blight and 5 apple trees came out. Also to come out was a cranberry bush (don't ask!). It took several hours to cut up and drag off all the limbs. The plum trees were pruned and broken branches were cut out. Unfortunately we did not get of the new trees planted because we had plans to head to the city to see a musical tonight. We stopped early enough to get all the animals fed and watered. While at the barn my large saanen was acting a bit strange. I felt she was most likely showing first signs of labor. She was munching on hay and since it was a lovely warm day I knew she should be fine. I begged her to just twin this year and headed to the house. After sprinkling the roots of the fruit trees with water, it was time to shower and leave. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold with a chance of snow flurries. (It  was right at 60 today!) Hopefully Monday we can finally get them planted. 

The orchard before-
And after!

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