Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Day At The Barn

My husband wanted to go to the shooting range today. I told him to go ahead and have fun but I felt the need to stay close to home and close to the barn. I am glad I did. Two more sets of twins were born. The last of the cashmere does and one of the Alpines kidded mid day. The moms did a great job and no help was needed from me. However, when I checked the cashmere later, one kid seemed to be missing. I hurried to look for it and found it buried in hay with the mom practically laying on it. If I had waited much longer to check, it would most likely have smothered. I am beginning to wonder if the stars are totally out of alignment or what. Sigh. What the heck, I am already feeding 10 or so kids, what's one more. I took her to the barn. The kids from the laundry room were all relocated to the barn. It didn't take long for everyone to become acquainted and soon they were all romping and racing about.
I spent some time in the garden picking greens and weeding but most of the day was spent keeping a watchful eye on the girls. Hoof trimming and worming were done, all in preparation for getting our milking schedule lined up. Hopefully in a week or so everyone will have kidded and we will settle into some sort of a routine. I like routine. Routine is good and much more preferable than chaos which seems to be the norm these days!
Enjoy some baby pics`~

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