Monday, February 27, 2012

ANOTHER dark dreary morning. It would have been a great day to sleep in. The house was quiet, the boys were gone and I considered it. However, we have a demented cardinal that is consumed with fighting her reflection in my dining room window and with the constant banging against the glass it would have not been possible. This has gone on for days. She starts about daylight. I have chased her away repeatedly. I am considering buying a slingshot...Oh well, I really did have a lot to do.
Coffee in hand I peered out the kitchen window. Was that a new kid in the barn? Yep.
 I finished my coffee before heading to the barn to feed all of the babies and check the new kid. It was a beautiful, huge single doe. She and mom went up in a stall and I waded through the sea of babies to get to my seat on the bucket to feed them. They are like a herd of hungry piranhas. I milked out the girls for the mid day feeding, checked hay and water and went back to get a few things done in the house. I put some chicken on to boil for a pot of soup tonight and did some "catch  up" cleaning. I seem to be living at the barn these days and was behind. Then it was back to the barn for mid day feedings and some clean up there. The sun had finally made it's way out and the day was turning out to be quite nice. The barn had to be raked out and fresh shavings put in the stalls. Barn chores and feeding done, I wandered to the garden to pull some carrots and rutabaga. I noticed one of the angora goats was standing alone. A sure sign she was probably going to kid soon. With a little enticement she and her sister were moved to the barn and within the hour she went into labor. Later I checked her to find our first ever cashgoras had arrived. A beautiful set of twin does. A lovely blue color and a white. It was time for the night milking and the final feeding of the kids. After supper I made one last check and moved one more doe in the barn. Kidding has come fast and furious in the last couple of weeks and we have only four girls to go! Yeah!!


  1. I so love lambing/kidding season on the farm.

    1. It is a fun time for sure. Kinda like Christmas everyday!