Friday, February 3, 2012

Bye-Bye Broccoli

Today my husband turned over one side of the garden. He also turned the broccoli. All of the broccoli. Not a piece of broccoli is to be found. Buried under 2 feet of soil. At first I seriously considered strangling him. After my sanity returned, I realized if I strangled him I would have to go pick up the round bales of hay and I really don't like pulling that flatbed trailer. I would also have to scrape the barn with the bobcat tomorrow. He was saved. Though I did explain to him that he would be broccoli- less for the next couple of months. Then I called my sister and asked when the next good planting day would be. Tomorrow. I will be there early with seeds in hand.


  1. Good Afternoon Dear Lady,
    Today finds it gloomy here and truly showing the sighs of "winter" Like there is such a thing in NC.
    I found myself us at 4am vigilantly scouring the USDA Grants and Loan sights which just now I am done doing, my eyes are swimming in my head and its time to snuggle up on the couch with my hunny and not stress about my upcoming total hip replacement. Knowing getting this done and over with allows me to begin to peruse the real work in my "dream", the Sheep.
    Even with out funding we think we can pull it off with a little financial planning slowly do little bits at a time.

    If you have time to carve out a hour or so of your busy farm life Saturday the 11th, we would love to come and talk with you and your husband about oh lets see.... I don't know.... maybe EVERYTHING!!!!!

    I would love to get a rough estimate of what a basic start up would be with your guidance I believe we can come up with a bare bones with just the essentials we can get away with ensuring the animals are comfortable.

    Let us know what is good for you and we will gladly arrive like little kids at Christmas!

    Have a great weekend and happy farming!


  2. Have you gotten my emails? Saturday will be fine But shoot me an email so we can set a time ;o)