Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Set Of Triplets

The before bedtime check last night revealed our second set of triplets. Thankfully they had not been here long because the mother decided to kid outside in the pouring rain and bitter winds instead of the dry warm barn. One kid was up. The other two looked dead and at first glance I feared they may be. However, they were breathing, so I grabbed them up and moved them to the lights where I gave them a dose of colostrum. I then moved mom and other baby in as well. Back to the other kids now I scooped them up and ran to the house. In the laundry room I set up a heater and spent the next hour and a half vigorously rubbing and warming them. Finally they were showing signs of life. I milked some colostrum from their mom and bottle fed them a bit. I took a shower and got to bed around midnight. During the night I fed them every two hours and at five a.m. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. They were going to be fine!
Now it was time to get the sourdough in the pans. Once that was done I caught another little catnap before starting the rest of my day. I was back up to bake and feed the babies when Mom appeared to help with the kids at the barn. While I finishing up in the house the phone rang. Come quick. A first time mom with just feet showing. OMG. Really? I ran to the barn. Sure enough there were only feet and unfortunately  they were the back ones. We were at the point of no return and so the kid had to be pulled. A whopping baby girl was delivered and I rushed her to the house to be dried and put in with the others because the mom took one look at her and decided that that pain in her you know what, was not something she wanted to deal with at the moment ;o) She was very healthy and strong and will be moved back to the barn tomorrow.
The rest of the day was thankfully, relatively uneventful. We spent some time picking up branches and debris out of the hay fields and stacking wood. By late afternoon I was feeling the effects of little sleep and was ready to call it a day. Once the evening chores were completed, I took a shower while my hubby spoiled me by cooking supper. Nice!

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