Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sad Hay Day

On Monday we mowed another hay field. This week was supposed to be cool but clear and sunny with the temps reaching mid 80's by baling day. Monday night we had the slightest of rain showers, So slight it was not wet under the trees. However, it was enough to affect the hay. Today we baled but noticed a lot of the beautiful green color was missing. We made the decision to only bale enough square bales to fill the barn since we will not market this hay for horses. We happened to have a fellow baling round bales on our road and he was happy to finish the field for us. We put up 344 square bales and he round baled another 14. We kept six and a person with cows was thrilled to take the rest off our hands. Good hay but not great hay. Hubby prides himself on his premium horse hay but once again Mother Nature let us know we are not in control!
And that is just another day of life on the homestead.

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