Friday, May 1, 2020

Let's Catch Up Part 2 - February

The winter has continued to be very mild. We have been getting lots of outside chores done. The chickens are convinced it is Spring and having been laying around 30 eggs a day!
Baby goats started arriving this month. The month total was 6, 2 does and 4 bucks.
We had a terrible rain storm that moved through about mid month. We were flooded pretty badly but luckily not a huge amount of damage had been done when the water receded.
I started a sourdough starter from scratch and spent lots of time in the kitchen baking. Yum!

Autumn, the jersey cross calf born in September, decided chasing the turkey was great fun and in the process landed on the chicken tractor. She is a very naughty calf!
I scheduled our last 3 Kune Kune pigs to be processed for next month and the bull is set to go in April. I ordered some new layer chicks along with the meat birds that will be arriving next month as well.

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