Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hitting The Garden Hard

Next week the weather forecast is calling for 5-8 inches of rain. The spring has been so crazy with weather ups and downs we are behind in the garden. This was a must get her in kind of weekend.
Our original plan had been to plow in the rye cover crop in the upper field garden but we decided to hold off thinking it will probably dry quicker untouched. The old garden as we call it was our main focus this weekend.
First on the list was to stake and tie up tomatoes. We have 75 planted for our first crop. We will be starting more for the upper field garden for a later and continuous harvest.
Hubby mowed down the fall kale and the last of the chamomile to make room for peppers. We planted 61 various varieties. We will also be planting more in the upper garden as well. Our green beans are up but were a bit spotty in germinating, so I filled in between with more seeds. I planted a few turnips. We also planted okra, cucumbers and several kinds of squash. The rest of our time was spent weeding strawberries and cultivating between the rows.
We picked another 2 gallons of strawberries and broccoli. 

 Busy weekend and got a lot done. Garden looks lovely don't you think? ;-)

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