Friday, May 1, 2020

Let's Catch Up Part 4 - April

This was an interesting month for sure. To be quite honest not much changed in my world except for the fact I wasn't leaving to work my dogs each week. I stayed busy learning new skills in the kitchen. I helped my sister in the greenhouse. We plotted and planned our garden this year. We have plans to add a new one. I placed a couple of online orders for fresh produce a time or two. I made two trips out to the feed store.

Meanwhile, back on the homestead...
The first weekend of the month my new bees were set to arrive. I got the hives ready and waiting.
We got the new asparagus bed done and planted 70 crowns. To the right of the beds in the first pic will be the high tunnel hoop houses. THIS is FINALLY the year! Yay! there will be 2 each will be 14 feet wide and 36 feet long.

 Our last goat kidded and blessed us with 2 beautiful does!
The boys got the chicken tractor fixed. The meat birds were moved out of the brooder.
The strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are loaded with blooms. I think it is going to be a bountiful year.

I have been harvesting greens from the pots planted last month and the garden is coming along nicely.

We dropped the bull at the end of the month and should have him back in about 2 weeks.
Life is good... on the homestead.

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