Friday, May 1, 2020

Let's Catch Up Part 3 - March

March is the month that the homestead start picking up pace. Garden prep gets started. Early plants and potatoes go in the ground. Very busy times for sure.
The new layer chicks arrived the first part of the month. 8 speckled sussex are set to join the flock later this spring.
Our first set of lambs were born. They are a suffolk/icelandic cross. A ram and a ewe. They are pretty stinking cute and were born with short tails. No docking needed!
I attempted to make Brie cheese.
Sadly, it was an epic failure. ;-( But I will try again!

Towards the middle of the month things in the world were getting a little strange.  (aka "the virus")
I started to feel the need to stock up on livestock and dog food. I added several hundred pounds to our normal amount. I ordered some extra seafood from our local guy to freeze. I usually buy fresh each week but he said he wasn't sure what was coming or even if he could get any later on.

Towards the end of the month there was talk of a "stay at home order" being issued.  Every time I went out I felt a sense of panic in people. It was very unsettling. The shelves at the grocery stores were beginning to look bare. On the 25th of the month I had to pick up a prescription for one of my dogs at the grocery store pharmacy. When I walked in I was shocked. The shelves were empty, things were piled high in carts and panic mode was in full force. I felt sorry for so many. I could not leave that place fast enough.
On the 26th the meat birds came in. I picked them up with a little more extra feed, got them home and settled. That evening the order was handed down to start on the 27th at 5 p.m.

That weekend instead of planting flowers in my pots I planted food. Lettuce, green onions, kale and arugula.
 I also made homemade hamburger buns.
These small things brought peace to my heart in what I felt was a brewing storm.

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