Thursday, May 14, 2020

Guinea Fowl

Several weeks ago hubby said he wanted Guineas. My only question was WHY? I like Guineas he said. Don't you? Nope I don't. Well I'd like to have some. We used to have them. What happened to them. My answer. We ate them. They were loud, they were obnoxious, they were DUMB. And we ate them and they were delicious.
The next week he happened to ride with me to the feed store. Did you order my guineas he asked in front of the owner. No. Owner said we have them coming you want some? Not really. Hubby pipes up. Can't a man have some guineas for Father's Day? Seriously?? He pulled the Father's Day card on me?? Owner scribbled something down. Three weeks ago the feed store called and said Hubby's birds were here. Sigh. I went to pick them up and they had ordered me 12. TWELVE!
Hubby is so proud of his birds. Right now they are living in a cage inside a pen and being moved indoors at night. He thinks they are awesome. At this age they are kind of cute but don't think for a minute I don't have those recipe cards close by!

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