Sunday, April 1, 2012

Musical Pastures

This time of year pasture space is a bit limited since our front 5 acre field is blocked off for hay. I spend a lot of time moving the sheep and goats around. Today was another huge undertaking because our shearer is due Friday and all the sheep need to be close to the big barn with lots of lights. Most will follow for grain as I lead them down the drive but then there are always the naughties that no matter what, will test a saint's patience. Today was no different and after the first two trips all were relocated except for 3 wild cashmere kids and 5 Icelandic lambs. Even with 3 of us it took quite a bit of time and lots of chasing! Finally all were caught and CARRIED to the barn. Once there, they all had to be divided again. Sheep in large pasture, cashmere's in smaller pasture, young dairy does back to upper pasture and milking girls in the side pasture. Now all that was left was to round up the guardian dogs that had happily escaped. They can be more frustrating than the sheep!
Finally everyone was situated for the time being and hopefully the next big move will be when we open the hay field again.

Other things on our to do list were checking the bees. We were shocked at the new hive. They have already filled a honey super and will need another one this week. Tomorrow I will be off to get more supplies. Fingers crossed we get some honey this year!!
We call them our "Buns and Roses" hive ;o))

I am still moving plants from the kitchen garden and got a bit more moved today. Only two large clumps of rudbeckia left and then I will fill back in with top soil.
At the end of the day we collapsed filthy and tired but thankful. Our meal tonight was BBQ brisket, deviled eggs and salad all from the farm along with homemade mac and cheese.

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