Monday, April 16, 2012

Picking Asparagus In The Dark

Kinda sounds like a sad country song.... or maybe the beginning of a weird poem. But that is what I was doing tonight.
Early this morning after the milking and feeding of the kids, the new owners of the five due to leave today arrived to pick them up. Once they were caught and loaded, I finished the usual routine and shortly afterwards my husband arrived home for lunch. While he was eating, I  made some cucumber sauce and tossed some lamb ribs in the crock pot for supper. Off to the barn to get the steers and lamb loaded that were headed to the butcher. Today it all went very smoothly and soon we were headed to Taylorsville, which is about an hour away. A three hour round trip and we were back home. I finished part of the evening chores and picked spinach for supper. Then it was back to the barn to load my milk cow and a round bale of hay. Once she was settled in her temporary home we were once again headed to ours. By this time it was 7 o'clock and the boys were starving. Most of supper was ready and just needed assembling. I washed the spinach, shredded the lamb and put the gyros on the table. They were delicious!
Supper over, kitchen cleaned and it was dusk dark. I still had milking to do and the dogs to feed. As I traipsed across the orchard I could see the thin outline of the asparagus poking up out of the ground. Tomorrow they would be too large and so I picked asparagus in the dark...


  1. You are one of the most amazing people! I love how you take what's available at that moment and turn it into nourishment!!

  2. My dream would be to eat totally from the farm...I try and challenge myself daily to eat what is in season and what we raise. The last year has been quite fun with the "Eating" blog and creating with what we have. Thanks for the comment!;o))