Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Tired For Supper

With the promise of rain tonight and tomorrow we had LOTS on the to do list. Getting the garden in was at the top of the list. While baking, I put some soup bones in the oven to brown for a few hours and after delivering the bread and milking, it was off to the greenhouse to get plants. I came back with tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. Doug had already gotten most of the rows laid out and was cultivating a few more when I arrived with the plants. As I started planting the peppers, he came to make sure that I was planting them straight. I had a childish urge to plant a very crooked row... I never knew there was a garden police, so those unsuspecting pepper planters...beware. (HUG EYE ROLL!!)  In addition to getting the plants in the ground, we also put in two rows of corn and some filet green beans. Next we staked the tomatoes and tied up the ones that were already in the ground. A late lunch and then we were off to the barn. I did the daily cleaning chores and feeding while hubby laid new plywood down the center of the hay loft for the new hay elevator to go on. That done and the evening milking complete we started weeding the kitchen garden. Loosing track of time, it was well after dark when we quit. A long day for sure but a huge amount accomplished. When we finally came in, I put the soup bones in the crock pot to cook during the night for stock and deciding we we too tired to cook, we made a meal of goat cheese, crackers and beer. How's that for a balance meal?!  

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