Monday, April 9, 2012

Almost Done!

With kidding and lambing I mean. Our last dairy doe produced triplets and we have two ewes to go. Lots of lambs were born this last week. Now comes the hard part. Deciding who can stay and who goes on the sales list. At this point I want to keep them all! We have had quite a few badger patterned lambs this year and so today I ordered small tags for their ears. I don't want to put the large scrapie tags in just yet and so many look alike I don't want to loose track of who belongs to who!
I have cut my dairy herd a bit or thought I had until the little black doe above was born. She is staying. I have only opted to keep one other doe this year but since I kept 4 last year that is not saying much! Most of the kids have been sold already and many will be leaving over the weekend. That means next week we will be having lots of extra milk.

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  1. Let me know what you will be selling. Do you have any Nigerian Dwarf bucks unrelated to the black and white doeling we bought?