Thursday, April 26, 2012

Turkeys and Chickens

The phone rang at 6 a.m. This is the post office, come get your birds. PLEASE!
I actually had two shipments of birds due this week. The heritage turkeys as well as the Cuckoo Maran and Welsummer chicks were to arrive any day but from different hatcheries. My hope was that they would arrive the same day.
I arrived at the post office at 7 and had to knock on the back door. They presented me with a box of turkeys. Are you sure there is not another box around here? Nope. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then. I headed home with the babies.
I had their cage cleaned and waiting and when I arrived home all that was left to do was put feed and water in there. I dipped each one's little beak in the water and sprinkled some feed on a  piece of cardboard to get them going. Sadly two did not make it and that left me with eighteen. Nine each of the Narragansetts and Blue Slates.
Once they were settled, I got cleaned up and got the morning milking done. While I was straining the milk the phone rang again. Is this Kelly? Yes. This is your postal carrier. I have a box of chickens for you.You have got to be kidding! No and I think they are thirsty. On my way. I started out and the skies were black with a brewing storm so I swung by the barn to put the goats up and got caught right in the middle of it. I finally arrived at the post office for the second time soaking wet and more than a bit dirty. I heard the peeping when I walked in the door. Those would be mine. Oh, thank goodness you are here. Just be glad they aren't bees, I said, as I headed home, again. So they did arrive the same day, just not at the same time....

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