Monday, April 23, 2012

Weeding Therapy

After the long soaking rain of yesterday it was perfect weeding conditions. I am always amazed at how therapeutic and relaxing weeding can be. I tend to loose track of time and my accomplishments at the end of the day give me a great since of satisfaction!
The onions can now be seen~
And the snow peas~
 The elephant garlic looks fantastic!
In addition to weeding, the potatoes and green beans had to be sprayed. Even though I had been picking off the pesky bugs some larvae still managed to hatch. Our purple potatoes are almost ready to bloom and we harvested our first radishes!


  1. Looks great! Almost motivates me to do the same to my overtaken garden haha

  2. Thanks, off to do more of the same today.. I know I planted more garlic. I just have to find it ;o)