Saturday, April 28, 2012

Planting Late Potatoes

I still had some seed potatoes left and today we put in a late row. We normally have all the potatoes in by mid-March. Those usually keep us until Christmas. It is my hope this year that we will extend our storage another 6 weeks by planting this late. The early potatoes have already begun to bloom and that means tiny new potatoes are to be enjoyed in the very near future. I also put in squash and cucumber plants that were started in the greenhouse.The tomatoes were staked in the kitchen garden. Now that the garden was showing some semblance of order, I turned my attention to the sheep.
Because of the mild winter I fear we may have a huge parasite problem on our hands this summer. The goats have already struggled a bit and the sheep tend to be worse. However, after checking every one, only two needed a dose of wormer. I will worm everyone once the hay is picked up and they are rotated to the new field. Fingers crossed, maybe the new mineral program they are on is helping?!
The day was pretty cloudy and dreary but the boys teddored the hay anyway in hopes of speeding the drying process. It looks like it will be a good cutting and we would be devastated to loose it to a shower next week.
Doug made his famous stuffed mushrooms with the goat cheese I made yesterday  and we collapsed on the porch to enjoy a fine meal. Life is good!

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