Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Harvests & Freezing Eggs

The rain missed us last night and my plans for weeding today were put on hold. Instead with the help of our intern we got the morning barn chores done and harvested instead of weeding. I finally was able to get most everything fertilized with fish emulsion and seaweed.
The greens are still hanging in there and she was able to pick close to a bushel of spinach and kale. At least a quart of strawberries was picked along with a handful of early garlic scapes. We hauled our harvest for the day to the house and enjoyed a late lunch.
Just after she left the rain finally arrived and I spent the rest of the afternoon indoors. I put a pot of white beans on to cook for a pot of kale soup tonight. I washed the greens and began dealing with the avalanche of eggs that threaten to fall out of the fridge each time I open the door.
Now last fall I couldn't beg an egg from the girls even though the younger ones should have been laying. However, I think they have decided to catch up and I have 22 dozen fresh eggs to prove it! I made a spinach quiche, boiled some for deviled eggs and egg salad and froze 3 dozen. To freeze the eggs I cracked a dozen at a time in a bowl. I beat them with 1 teaspoon of salt and poured into ice cube trays. After they were frozen I put 1 dozen per freezer bag. (To use, thaw overnight in the refrigerator.) I am sure they will be welcome this coming winter for baking!
As time allows I will be making more quiches to freeze for quick suppers so stay tuned for some egg-citing recipes.

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  1. Freezing eggs! That's some helpful information. Thanks!!