Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Month Ahead?

We checked the hay fields today. They are thick and lush and ready to be mowed. We don't usually mow until mid May. This sent the boys scurrying to double check that all the mowing and baling equipment was in top working order. It also meant the tractors needed to be washed. Really? (to their credit they saved that chore for last ;o))
Hay mowing season also means the loft needs to be cleaned out.The small amount of hay left was moved to the front and the floor swept. This year (this week!) we are putting an elevator down the center of the barn to move the bales to the back. This will save 100 feet per bale as we now carry each bale 50 feet back and walk to the front to get another. Those first few rows are killers!
We also moved the meat birds to the orchard and cleaned the brooder for the next round due in Monday. They were most happy to get out on the grass. I figure butchering time in about 5 weeks.
Two more alpine kids left for their new homes. Monday, five more will leave and we will be swimming in milk. Every year I vow to master hard cheeses~ maybe this year?
On to the garden where we pulled dirt around the potatoes. I had started by hand but Doug showed up with the plow and made quick work of that project. I feared I would be out there until midnight since the ground is so hard. We are desperate need of rain and weeding is almost impossible at this point. I had hoped to get more things planted but as usual the day had slipped away and it was now time for evening chores. At this rate we may be a month ahead but  I"LL be a month behind!

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