Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revamping the Herb Garden

Our intern arrived today and together we went to work on the herb bed. It has been an herb/perennial bed combo for the last few years but I want to make it a true kitchen garden. After weeding and cleaning the winter trash from the beds we dug most of the flowers out. (I still have a few to go).Those will be relocated to other beds and the natural areas I am working on. I left the echinacea and comfrey and plan to add a few additional medicinal herbs.
After the beds were cleared we started adding the new plants.
Several cherry type tomatoes went in. All different colors including a "Green Grape" and "Brown Berry".( I can already picture a colorful fresh tomato salad with basil and goat cheese!) A lovely carnival cayenne pepper that produces different colors on one plant went in as well. We also planted a row of "Tango" celery and a variety of lettuces.
In addition to the vegetables planted, many new herb plants were added including a spicy oregano. More of the old standards like parsley and thyme were planted along with a mint that went into a pot, lest it run amuck and take over. Still to go in are spring onions and the malabar spinach that will be transplanted when as it comes up in the bed from last year's seeds. It is not quite finished but well on its way to becoming a fun and somewhat funky little garden!
Once finished, we enjoyed a lunch of lentil soup and fresh goat cheese. We then made our way to the greenhouse where she picked out several plants to create a patio garden at home. Once again, with her help a lot was accomplished!

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